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Luxury Leather Slim Case For MacBook Pro 16 Inch

Luxury Leather Slim Case For MacBook Pro 16 Inch

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  • Made with American full-grain leather hides
  • Perfectly fits M Series MacBook Pro 2021-2024 (Newest Design)
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Soft microfiber inside lining
  • Secure snap-in fit
  • Cutouts offer easy access to all ports and speakers
  • Cutouts on bottom case to allow for venting

Forget "just a case," this is a heartfelt ode to your MacBook Pro 16", boasting an enticing blend of captivating aesthetics and sterling utility. Just picture a material aging as gracefully as wisdom itself – that's our full-grain leather exterior. Specially chosen for its unstoppable charm, it grows resolutely more appealing with age, etching a beautifully personal patina.

But, let's not judge by the robust exterior alone. Inside, it's as snug and gentle as a pup's cuddle – padded with a plush microfiber lining ensuring your MacBook 16 inch stays cradled and scratch-free.

Worried about plug-ins and ventilation? Worry not! Our case allows unhindered access to all ports, maintaining the effortless charm of your MacBook use. Additionally, precision-cut vents on the underside assure your device keeps its cool during those demanding edit-a-thons.

Our MacBook Pro 16-inch Case is your stylish vow to beauty, quality, and precision, epitomizing the foundational pillars of Burton Goods. And guess what? Philbert, our Burton Goods world headquarters Chow Chow, even gives his furry thumbs-up on this one!

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