Who We Are

"Burton Goods epitomizes a brand dedicated to meticulously crafted products designed to be reliable companions for many years ahead."




Hello there, welcome! I'm Brian, the founder of Burton Goods. My 14-year wild journey in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality leather goods has been punctuated with nods of approval from renowned publications like the New York Times, Wired, the Wall Street Journal, and many more. The designs focus around Leather iPhone and iPad cases, and the ever-classic leather bags for tech enthusiasts. But Burton Goods is not just a company—it's a son's tribute to his father.

Driven by an Unquenchable Passion:
I've always been a gadget guy with an intense love for design—a passion that can be traced back to my budding years, sprinkled with influence from my father. The fusion of form and function has always piqued my curiosity, propelling me to dive deep into product design. The deeper I ventured, the more I realized, "This is what I love."

Two Decades of Learning and Evolving:
Over two decades, I've had my hands dipped in design, production, and sales, giving me a holistic learning experience and unique insights into the industry. Each project was a step further into bettering my craft and understanding the intimate relationship between precision, quality, and aesthetics. This consistent growth trajectory resulted in the birth of Burton Goods.

Under My Father's Influence:
Burton Goods is essentially a tribute to my dad. His staunch loyalty towards his loved ones, dedication to his work, and unwavering principles have etched deep marks on my psyche. The brand name "Burton" is a hat-tip to this incredible man, a linguist, a globetrotter, and a living embodiment of precision. Our guiding beacon at Burton Goods is our commitment to maintaining his legacy of loyalty and excellence.

Precision Craftsmanship Above All:
Precise craftsmanship is our number one priority. Every product from Burton Goods is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans who leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence. Our relentless focus on superior materials in every little detail ensures that our products are a fusion of functionality and artistry, a manifestation of my dad's enduring influence.

Our Vision for the Future:
Burton Goods is a brand synonymous with fine-crafted products that will be your trustworthy companions through the years. As we navigate through the future, I am excited about the innovative designs that Burton Goods will unveil. Rest assured, every piece will stand true to our unwavering commitment to excellence, carrying forward the undying legacy of my father in every stitch and rivet.

Brian Holmes