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Shipping Questions

When will I receive my order?

Most items will generally head out in 2-3 business days. The shipping timeline will appear throughout the process if the item is a pre-order. We will keep you in the loop upon color selection, checkout, and on your email receipt.

What domestic shipping services do you use?

Within the US, we offer to ship through either USPS or FedEx. Options range from free shipping on purchases over $100 with USPS first-class and priority mail! Standard priority and overnight shipping are also options. We use FedEx for our fastest options. It’s worth noting; that they have multiple services under the “Overnight” umbrella. The FedEx options offered on the side do not include weekend shipping.

Why was I charged at the time of checkout for my pre-order?

The funds you put toward your item are funneled right into making them. We want you to know that we strive to communicate any changes to your pre-order date that may happen. 

Do you ship internationally? Will you send it to my country?

We do! We Ship FedEx in 5-7 days with low flat rates or free international shipping based on products. 

What about international import costs and value-added taxes (VAT)?

Please remember that most countries require you to pay import taxes for goods shipping from the USA. Some countries taxes can be substantial between 20-35% of declared value and shipping fees. Taxes are one of the certainties in life, and there’s no (legal) way to get around those taxes. Please note, we cannot mark our cases as a "gift" or lower then value declared.

General Questions

What is full-grain leather?

Full-grain leather is the pinnacle of what leather can be. This is the very top layer of the leather hide and, therefore, very durable, beautiful, and unique with its shades and textures. We use it to craft our bags, accessories, and cases.  Full-grain leather is not sanded down and thinned out; this is called top-grain or 2nd layer leather. It's cheaper to use that but we don't do that at Burton Goods.

Why Does The Leather Color Vary So Much?

Full-grain leather sourced from American hides is the very best in the world. We love its beautiful appearance, durability, and it's unique characteristics. Unlike top-grain or genuine leather, which is far cheaper to produce, full-grain leather has a broader variance in color to create depth in the leather. This depth of color is extraordinary to behold and part of the unique beauty of our quality leather goods. For example, our Bourbon leather can vary from medium scotch to deep bourbon, and our Mahogany leather can range from a dark brownish red to a warmer, deep red tone.

How do I care for my leather products?

The best way to care for full-grain leather is to use it with your hands, as natural oils condition it. We recommend using a Leather Balm or Leather Cleaning Kit to refresh your leather or reduce some marks. We formulated them to refresh, rehydrate, and weatherproof your leather as it ages. 

Warranty Questions

For the first 30 days, if you are not satisfied with your Burton Goods item, send it back in for a refund as long as it's in like-new condition.

We cannot extend this guarantee to personalized cases; those are built just for you. No one else quite has your impeccable taste.

What Is The Burton Goods Warranty?

As a seasoned leather goods maker, we take great pride in the resilience of our leather accessories for iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, including our leather watch bands. We put a lot of love into these pieces, and if they fail to live up to that promise due to manufacturing blips within the first year, rest assured we will make it right—adding an extra dash of precision for good measure. This does not cover normal wear and tear. Scuffs, marks, and other dings are part of your story!

Our full-grain leather wallets, crafted with an obsession for beauty and loyalty, are designed to be your trusty sidekicks for at least two years. Still between you and me and my beloved Philbert (who happens to have a keen nose for good leather), they're very likely to stick around for a lot longer. We pledge to have your back if the unthinkable happens and they falter within the warranty period due to a manufacturing hiccup. This does not cover normal wear and tear.

What does the Leather Bag and Desk Accessories 10-year leather warranty include?

Our leather bags and desk accessories are equally dependable - designed to last decades. As long as you're using them usually, we'll support you. If there's a manufacturing defect within ten years, we'll make it right. 

What is "normal wear and tear"?

Normal wear and tear is the natural breakdown of natural materials over a long period of regular use. Once your item has gotten enough mileage, you may notice some scuffs, indents, or a slight change in color near crucial stress points. As with any well-made item, this can happen throughout a lifetime of service and is not a failure in craftsmanship. It's a celebration of it! Your item will see many adventures and will begin to show off that unique story. 

All of our customers have different needs and uses. Therefore, the wear and tear on their Burton Goods items vary. Proper care, such as cleaning and conditioning your leather, and following product guidelines, will help extend the life of your BG item. If your item is gleaming with the pride of a lifetime of use, we sincerely hope you'll consider purchasing a replacement from us. 

What isn’t covered?

Our warranty covers faults in materials and artistry but does not apply if the damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect. Likewise, fluctuating fit, abuse of the product, performing MacGyver-like edits, and disregard for the product care instructions are not covered. That’s why we mention the warranty covers defecs that are within normal parameters.

Please check below to see if you match any of these profiles. If so, your product has an excellent story to tell, but it's not covered:

  • The Super Stuffer: Our wallets are full-grain leather and have parachute-grade stitching. It's pretty hard to rip the seam, but it isn't impossible. Each wallet is designed to hold a specific amount of cards. That means about 1-2 cards per slot for our iPhone cases. Respect the stitch!
  • The Modifier: Putting rivets in our bags or custom stitch patches is incredible. But it does void the warranty.
  • The Accident-Prone Klutz: Spilled paint on the product? Dropped it from the roof of a skyscraper? Fell into the ocean? You have a great story to tell new friends.
  • The Deep Sea Diver: You might think swimming with our leather goods is a great idea, but it's not. Leather is water-resistant but dries and cracks if it sees too much water. Remember, our leather balm/oil is your friend for the coming decades.
  • The Preference Changer: If you no longer like this color, upgraded to a new device, it looked at you funny, whatever the reason… If it's not in new condition and within 30 days from the ship date, we recommend you gift it and become a legend to one of your friends.
  • The Daredevil: You beat your Burton Goods product hard. You put it into significant jiu-jitsu holds, which gets the living life pounded out. Let's call all those scarring marks of glory…but not covered under our warranty.
  • The Screen Shatterer: Our cases are very protective and protect from rare device fatalities. If anything happens to your device, please reach out to Apple directly to get it repaired.

How do warranty repairs work?

We know that you work and play hard, and we will do our best to get you back into the groove. All repairs must be sent in and approved by our repair team.

Leather Care

How do I care for my bag?

The number one way is to use it! The usage and handling of full-grain leather will naturally soften the leather. The leather comes fully tanned, oiled, and weatherproof. Suppose you want to recondition it and reduce scratches or markings. In that case, we recommend using our leather balm and leather cleaner kit specially formulated to rehydrate, refresh, and weatherproof your leather as it ages. 

Why do I see markings on my leather?

That is the nature of our American full-grain leather; it will incorporate the natural life of the herd and its life with you. These markings tell the story of your bag and wallet. If you don’t like marks to show, we suggest opting for our Galloper Black color. Also, you can reduce the ‘story’ acquired on your item with a generous treatment with our high-quality leather oil and cleaner. We love the results with our rugged bags and well-loved wallets.

Why are there markings on my case?

Natural leather will incorporate the life of the hide, and it can vary. The marks you might see are veins, proof of a tousle in the herd, or even a freckle.

How can I make sure my case has/doesn’t have marks?

Markings are a gorgeous component of full-grain leather and make each piece unique. It’s a bit of a lottery for markings on our cases; some have more, and some have less. The leather-loving community celebrates markings. Some people love markings, and some don’t. If you want to reduce those markings, we recommend our leather balm and kit. These products will help buff any marks and nourish the leather. Not liking your case even after balm? Please do reach out to us. We'll do our best to make it right.

Returns, Repairs, and Changes

How do I contact you?

We’d be happy to hear from you! You can contact us at hi@burtongoods.com at any time, and we get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I return my product?

We’re sorry it didn’t work out. We are happy to help! Please get in touch so that our Burton customer guru can take care of you and approve your order for a return. Items that haven’t been processed are ineligible for returns and will be returned to you. Just a heads up, we aren’t able to cover any return shipping fees.

Do you offer exchanges?

We aren't able to process exchanges. We would be happy to return your like-new item for store credit as long as it's within the 30-day window. In this case, we suggest opting for store credit; it's days faster than a refund. Contact one of our customer service gurus; we will care for you. Let them know by emailing hi@burtongoods.com

Can I edit my order?

After the order has been placed, we aren't able to edit your order. Customer service would happily help process a cancellation and place your new order. 

How do I cancel my order?

Please let us know as soon as you’ve arrived at your decision. Typically, orders can be canceled within the first 24 hours but not always.  button for a reason, and our gurus will attempt to spot the cancelation and arrange it as soon as possible. For even faster service, include your order number in the note! It's a big help to the team and delays your cancellation. Once the carrier has picked an order up for shipment, orders can no longer be canceled.

Privacy & Security

Your payment and personal information are always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security is the leading industry standard and among the best available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address. This information cannot be read over the internet.

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, cookie information, and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone, ever.