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Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case For iPhone 15 Pro

Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case For iPhone 15 Pro

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Leather Color

Designed to perfectly fit iPhone 15 Pro

  • Full-Grain leather, all-in-one iPhone case and wallet
  • Fully removable iPhone shell, with ultra-strong magnetic security
  • MagSafe compatible
  • French-hemmed seams
  • Magnetic tab keeps phone and wallet closed
  • Luxurious full-grain American leather
  • Leather ages beautifully with a rich patina
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant, nylon stitching
  • Fully accessible ports and cameras 
  • Designed to carry 6-8 credit cards

Introducing the Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case for iPhone 15 Pro by Burton Goods: Where Elegance Meets Endurance.

At Burton Goods, we believe in creating products that exude beauty, loyalty, and precision craftsmanship. With the Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case, we have combined aesthetic refinement, artisanal craftsmanship, and lasting functionality into one harmonious design.

We start by meticulously crafting this case using premium full-grain leather, both inside and out. This luxurious material is not only durable but also ages gracefully, developing a unique patina that tells your own personal story.

Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship shines through in the innovative design of the Modern Pocket Book. We have incorporated a cleverly designed detachable phone holder, secured with ultra-strong magnetic precision. This allows the case to be used on various chargers, including MagSafe charging. Additionally, the case features RFID shielding technology, ensuring that your essentials are protected in today's digital world.

Durability is paramount to us, which is why the Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case is more than just an accessory – it's a trusty companion for the journey ahead. Its robust construction, thick stitching, and high-quality materials are selected to endure the demands of daily life, making it a reliable part of your personal story.

The Modern Pocket Book Wallet Case from Burton Goods is not just a phone case; it is a celebration of beauty, innovation, and resilience. It is designed for the contemporary individual who appreciates the fusion of classic elegance with the practicality of modern living. Rest assured that it upholds the timeless virtues of classic craftsmanship and lasting quality.

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