The Modern Pocket Book-The Best iPhone Case We've Ever Crafted

The Modern Pocket Book-The Best iPhone Case We've Ever Crafted

Meet Your iPhone's New Best Friend: Burton Goods' Modern Pocket Book

Crafting leather goods isn't just my profession at Burton Goods; it's akin to creating art. I've been designing various types of iPhone cases for over 14 years. With the beginning of Burton Goods and our recently released Modern Pocket Book for the iPhone comes a product that is the pinnacle of over a decade of design work. This isn't just a iPhone wallet case but an imaginative blend of beautiful aesthetics and thoughtful craft. 

A Design Imagination Beyond the Ordinary

The beauty of MagSafe charging is undeniable. But part of the puzzle is figuring out how on earth it'll play nice with your protective luxury wallet case. Well, that's where Burton Goods’ creativity swooping in, more loyal than my Chow Chow, Philbert, solely fixated on his treat.

Enter: the Modern Pocketbook. See, we brought rare earth magnet technology into the mix. Picture your phone settling into case as if it's its favorite cozy dog spot, secured with a satisfying magnetic snap - a nostalgic nod to the magnet games of our childhood.

But we didn’t stop there, we had to consider that MagSafe charging. Our solution? The phone can simply be removed from it's magnetic home and getting ready for its MagSafe charging rendezvous. 

In the spirit of minimalism, the Modern Pocket Book adheres to a slim design approach. Flaunting the contours of the iPhone, it stays faithful to the sleek and minimal ethos of Apple's design, while offering maximal utility. Believe me when I say, "It’s like slipping a silk tie on your tech gadget". 

From Pockets to Possibilities

Every detail of the Pocket Book is executed thoughtfully. It doesn't just stop with the magnetic attributes. It takes the utility quotient a notch higher with the integrated pockets. Remember how you would fit a notch in a beautifully designed piece of wood? That's how these card pockets slide seamlessly into the case design. A look at your Pocket Book, and voila, your essential cards and phone in a unified, stylish book package.

A Love Story of Design and Utility

The Modern Pocket Book shows how we're not only housing your iPhone, but also touchingly interacting with it. Our design accents the Apple tech pedigree and boosts its functionality. It's all about romancing your device with a design that’s as efficient as it is eye-catching.

Check out the Modern Pocket Book Cases here. We think you'll be impressed. 



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