The Magic Keyboard Case Is Not A Case - Opinion

The Magic Keyboard Case Is Not A Case - Opinion

As tech savvy individuals at Burton Goods, we appreciate the blend of functionality and style in our gadgets. The Apple Magic Keyboard, designed for the iPad Pro and Air, is an epitome of this blend, stylishly transforming the iPad into a productivity tool with its unique floating design and backlit keys. However, it doesn't fully act as a protective shield for your high-priced iPad. The Magic Keyboard is awesome, but it's not a case. This reality highlights the necessity for a meticulously designed luxury case that marries faithful protection and exquisite refinement. 


A real case should not only efficiently safeguard against damage but should also emanate an elegance that goes hand in hand with Apple's design ethos. For many, these gadgets are a reflection of their workspace, personality, and style. Therefore, the case should not only protect but also accentuate the overall user experience. Full-grain leather, with its timeless charm, durability, and premium look, is the perfect material for these cases. Leather’s ability to gracefully age and resist scratches adds character over time, making it ideal. 

This case could potentially begin conversations in professional gatherings, reflecting upon the user's values. The sensory experience of premium materials like leather strengthens the bond between the user and their device. This tactile enjoyment not only enriches the user experience but also reinforces customers value for their tech investments.

A beautiful case needs to work well with the design of the keyboard and iPad combination. Primarily, the case must provide full coverage, protecting corners, edges, and the screen of the iPad. A secure fastening mechanism ensures the case remains firmly closed during transit. It must allow easy device detachment when needed, without compromising on safety or functionality. Lastly, the case ought to be a seamless extension of the iPad and Magic Keyboard rather than an accessory. Another way to say this would be that the case should be so beautiful that you could not imagine your daily iPad workflow without it.

In conclusion, despite the Magic Keyboard’s advanced features, it simply is not a case, nor should it be called one- In our humble but somewhat firm opinion. :) 

The solution lies in precision crafting an elegant case that guarantees great protection without sacrificing style. At the intersection of functionality, protection, and aesthetics, we at Burton Goods are working on the perfect case that meets these demands.

Stay tuned!




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The iPad Magic Keyboard case is lovely, but I’m waiting for the non-keyboard case. I don’t always need a keyboard, and don’t want to carry its weight around all the time. And my wife would rebel if I wanted a case for each!

Andrew Frost

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