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Philbert's Stamp Of Approval: The Journey To Burton Goods Fluffy Mascot

Scouring social media in the moonlit hours can sometimes steer you toward pivotal decisions. In the summer of 2018, this was my reality when I found myself smitten by the Chow Chow breed. My Instagram became a never-ending gallery of these cute fur balls that resembled plush teddy bears, direct descendants from ancient China. 

Within a handful of sunsets, I found myself on an impromptu road trip to Mankato, Minnesota, to welcome a fuzzy companion named Philbert into my life. Until then, I had never carried the full responsibility of owning a dog. Sure, we had pets in the family, but Philbert was the first pooch that was squarely on me. Over six years, many filled with life-altering challenges, Philbert grew into an unswerving companion.

The constant loyalty Philbert exemplifies is a fundamental philosophy at Burton Goods. We want to make richly dependable Apple accessories and leather lifestyle goods. It's only fitting that Philbert, the most dependable pooch I've had the pleasure of knowing, should step into the role of Burton Goods mascot!

In our various correspondences and on our website, you'll occasionally find the 'Philbert Approved' badge. This insignia represents our dedication to the craftsmanship of fine leather goods, be it iPad sleeves, iPhone cases, Apple Watch bands, or MacBook covers, each as steadfast and lasting as Philbert himself. We aim to ensure that each accessory speaks of unwavering loyalty and companionship in your daily escapades.

A Philbert-approved Burton Goods item can be counted on!


PS. Yes, Philbert has a purple tongue!  He is only one of two dog breeds with this unique feature, which is part of his ancient legacy. 


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What a beautiful and friendly looking pooch! I hope you both have many happy years together. I know that your love for each other will be as durable as your Pad & Quill products have her for me!!

Gary Lipkin

I lived in Mankato for a long time and can say that the Chow Chow dogs I encountered were fluffy, huggable bears that are also very loyal. Great choice. Hello Philbert.

Andrea Christopherson

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